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126B Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland 1050

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How to Enroll

1. Select the classes and tutors you are interested to learn more about. You can do this by viewing Programmes, Activities, Teaching Staff

2. Send an online application through our website. You are very welcome to visit the school first to see our classrooms and meet our staff. Make an appointment here

3. After we hear from you, we will guide you to choose the right classes for you. Then we will book an interview lesson where the tutor will explain the teaching program details and the goals for the term / year. This interview lesson is free of charge if you decide to enrol with us.

4. We will send you an invoice for the whole term with the starting date after the lesson(s) time is arranged with the tutor and approved by our administration staff.

5. Come to learn and enjoy with music professional teachers gathered all in one place.

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